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OMC and I5O Consulting Services is a full-service firm that provides management consulting services centered around holistic solutions regarding sound financial stability and effective grants management.  In addition, we provide turnkey services for a wide variety of critical issues in the grant ecosystem.  We can provide a comprehensive assessment of your grant operations and review your documentation to ensure compliance with program goals and objectives. We will offer recommendations based on our findings and share a confidential report with you. Our services will allow management to rest easy at grant review time due to actionable strategies that will enable you to identify and overcome any program deficiencies. We are skilled in using data-based evidence to support processes and practices that improve the likelihood of program success.

As an organization that values evidence-based practices, we can also recommend and even help you to implement a robust measurement regime that will make year-end performance reporting a breeze. Our principals are recognized as experts in grant operations and management as well as higher education leaders in financial management. Securing our services will guarantee that you have access to seasoned leaders who are recognized by the academic community and the US Department of Education as valuable resources that can provide value-added services.  Please contact us for a free and confidential initial consultation via email


  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Process Reengineering

  • Data Analytics

  • Risk Assessment

  • Cost Constraints

  • Grants Management

  • Grants Evaluation

  • Financial Sustainability

  • Compliance

  • Change Management

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